Poultry Project


Selinsgrove, PA, Union Township, Snyder County, Pennsylvania.

Project Description:
Red Barn assisted with the necessary permitting for a client to construct a new poultry operation in Union Township, Snyder County, consisting of two (2) 46’ x 533’ poultry barns, two (2) 46’ x 28’ manure storage barns, a 10’ x 42’ work room, a 46’ x 48’ egg room, a 20’ x 12’ mortality compost building, gravel driveway and turnaround areas, and stormwater management controls.
Red Barn wrote plans stormwater management controls designed in accordance with the DEP NPDES stormwater management requirements.

An Erosion and Sediment Control Plan and NPDES Stormwater Permit have been prepared for this project.  E & S controls Red Barn designed consisted of the following:
 - A rock construction entrance will be installed at the entrance to the disturbed area.
 - One (1) sediment trap and three (3) landscape restoration areas will filter sediment-laden runoff from the project site.
 - Swales will be lined with soil amendment and erosion control matting and permanently stabilized.
 - Permanent seeding will be used to stabilize all disturbed areas which will not be stabilized with gravel.