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About Us

Moving with the Landscape of American Agriculture

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Red Barn Consulting

Red Barn Consulting is a full-service provider of agricultural, environmental, and related engineering services, offering cutting-edge agro-environmental solutions in a rapidly evolving, highly regulated industry. 

We understand that our services are mission-critical to your success, and we are committed to being here for you when you need us.

Ahead of the Curve

We know the agricultural industry is always evolving. That's why we structure our services to flex and grow with you as your needs change. With a finger on the pulse of current and emerging regulatory affairs, we offer you cutting-edge technology and a full suite of agricultural, environmental, and related engineering services.

Partners & Allies

More than a service provider, we are a strong ally who delivers the most efficient, reliable, cost-effective agro-environmental solutions on the market today.


Molly Hughes, M.E, P.E.

Molly is the Principal Engineer and CEO of Red Barn Consulting.  She has been providing structural and civil engineering expertise in agricultural facilities since 2001. Molly is a graduate of the University of Idaho.

Peter Hughes

Peter is the President and Founder of Red Barn Consulting, Inc. and Red Barn Trading. Peter is a licensed Nutrient Management Planner and Manure Broker, with extensive local, state and federal regulatory experience.  Peter is a graduate of Washington State University. 



Track Record of Success

Red Barn Consulting was established in 2001 to work with the Pennsylvania farming community, assisting with agricultural permitting, nutrient management planning and conservation planning.  In 2002, we expanded our services to meet the growing demand for agricultural and civil engineering including structural design, erosion and sediment control and land development planning.  We have worked with well over 1000 farmers to develop their planning and ensure they are meeting environmental compliance.  Many of our agricultural expansion projects are born out of the need to allow the next generation to carry on in farming.  It is our goal to provide our clients with the best value possible given that their projects may be the biggest business decisions they have had to make so far.

While we started out with a unique niche, offering engineering services solely in agriculture, to meet the growing needs of our community, we have expanded our services to residential and commercial development projects.  Whether you have  a single lot development subdivision or are proposing a new commercial business, we are here to help you through the process.  


In 2006 we created Red Barn Trading Company (RBTC). It was the first of its kind to serve as an aggregator of water quality nutrient credits to meet the requirements of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan. Pounds of nitrogen and phosphorous can be traded to help others more cost effectively meet their regulatory obligations or goals. RBTC works for the farmer to assist in nutrient credit certification, verification, and registration of nutrient credits through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Aggregated nutrient credits are then bundled and sold on the open market to municipal authorities, developers, and MS4 stormwater communities that need to meet their NPDES permit. 

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