Red Barn Consulting

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Our door is always open to our customers for questions, feedback, and opportunities to consult on your projects, big or small.


Our office is open

Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm

Red Barn Consulting, Inc.

3050 Yellow Goose Road

Lancaster, PA 17601-1818


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tel  (717) 393-2176

fax  (888) 850-6015


Phone Extensions

Ext. 101 Peter Hughes

Ext. 102 Molly Hughes

Ext. 103 Deanna Bitterman (Bookkeeper)

Ext. 104 Jeff Ainslie

Ext. 105 Darren Shenk

Ext. 106 Glenn Hershey

Ext. 107 Matt Brubaker

Ext. 108 Bert Nye

Ext. 109 Evin Fitzpatrick

Ext. 110 Austin Steffy

Ext. 112 Eric Baker

Ext. 114 Ed Facer

Ext. 115 Deborah Driedger

Ext. 116 Jamie Schrum

Ext. 117 Frank Kuchinski